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How Phentramine Works
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Phentermine vs Phentramine

What is the difference between phentermine and phentramine ?

Phentermine is a pharmaceutical diet pill which requires a prescription to be purchased online. It contains one active ingredient ( phentermine hydrochloride ) and comes in 37.5 mg, 30 mg and 15 mg strengths.

The diet pill Phentramine HCL is a quick acting thermogenic and metabolic intensifier, formulated to match the effects of Phentermine, and because Phentramine HCL does not cause any harmful or unpleasant side effects, it is currently available for purchase online WITHOUT a prescription.

Reduce calorie intake by up to 50% (about 1500 calories a day)

Phentramine HCL contains a proprietary matrix of the most powerful stimulant and fat burning actives available. At the heart of this unique compound is Phenylethylamine HCL and its molecular derivatives, including methylphenylethylamine and methylsynephrine

To read about Phentramine HCL's active ingredients and How they Work Click Here

Phentermine vs Phentramine - Quick Comparison

  Phentermine Phentramine
Average Price - 30 Day Supply $119 $79
Suppresses Appetite YES YES
Increases Energy YES YES
Non Herbal YES YES
Available Without Prescription No YES
Burns Fat No YES
Legal To Buy Online No YES
Delivery To All 50 States No YES
Free Shipping - 90 Day Supply No YES
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Phentramine HCL 37.5 mg is a quick acting thermogenic and metabolic intensifier.

Phentramine does not have the same chemical similarity to amphetamines, therefore, while it is considered extremely effective for weight control, it does not have the same acute effect on the central nervous system as prescription Phentermine, therefore it is considered safer.


Amazing Thermogenic Fat Burning Power!

 Phentramine HCL 37.5 mg

Phentramine HCL

Phentramine HCL 37.5 mg contains a proprietary active compound formulation of the best and most effective weight loss agents ever researched!  To read about the new ingredients and how they work Click Here

Reduce calories by up to 50% (about 1500 calories a day)


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How Phentramine Works

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Phentermine Information:

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant which reduces the appetite of an individual by working on the central nervous system of a person. Phentermine acts by stimulating the hypothalamus gland of the brain and affecting certain neurotransmitters. Neuro transmitters are certain kind of chemicals in the brain with which the brain cells communicate with each other. It is the hypothalamus gland of the brain which controls certain things in a man for e.g. the body temperature, the sleep cycles and the appetite of a person. Phentermine is available in two forms, phentermine hydrochloride (Fastin ® and others) and phentermine resin (Ionamin ® and others). Phentermine resin became available in the United States in 1959 and Phentermine Hydrochloride in the early 1970s. Phentermine first received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1959 as an appetite suppressant for the short-term treatment of obesy. Phentermine is a short term weight loss medicine used with the behavioral modifications and works best in combination with a certain proper diet plan and exercising. It is used to help in the weight reduction of a person who is considerably overweight or obese. Phentermine is sold under various brand names as well but the generic medication is Phentermine Hydrochloride. Phentermine HCL is available in 3 strengths - Phentermine 37.5 mg, Phentermine 30 mg and Phentermine 15 mg in various colors depending on the different manufacturers.

( Hydrochlorides are salts resulting from the reaction of hydrochloric acid with an organic base. This reaction yields Phentermine hydrochloride and has the chemical name of , -Dimethylphenethylamine hydrochloride )

Phentermine Ingredients:
Phentermine consists of just one active ingredient, which is called Phentermine Hydrochloride (HCL). This drug is the generic version of Adipex-P, which is also prescriptive, so it is slightly less expensive. As mentioned earlier Phentermine is advertised to be an appetite suppressant, and is meant to be a short-term treatment for extremely obese people. According to Eon Labs, Phentermine works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland, which is the part of the brain that controls not only the appetite but also the nervous system, sleep cycles and body temperature. This stimulation may send neurotransmitters out with the message of fullness. It also may change serotonin levels in the brain, which would also help suppress the appetite.

Things to Consider:

Phentermine Side Effects - Since this is a prescription drug, Phentermine can only be obtained with a doctor’s approval. This will require a physical and a body assessment, along with doctor monitoring while on the drug.

Phentermine may create a number of side effects. Possible unpleasant derivatives of this drug include dry-mouth, blurriness, constipation, stomach upset, palpitations and high cholesterol levels. Phentermine also stimulates the central nervous system so other potential side effects include over-stimulation, tremors and dizziness. Also, this drug has been shown to create insomnia, even though its suggested usage is to take it in the morning only.

Eon Labs does not recommend this product for everyone. According to the manufacturer, it should not taken by people with glaucoma, hypertension or with high blood pressure.


• Generic Version
• May cause appetite suppression
• Has been prescribed since 1952



• Phentermine hcl 37.5 mg, 30 mg and 15 mg Only available by prescription
• May create a number of possible side effects
• Designed only for the severely obese
• May create insomnia for some
Effective Phentermine Alternatives


Phentermine may create weight loss through controlling hunger. It’s designed to be a short-term treatment, which some preliminary studies have shown to be possibly addictive. Also, after ingestion of this product is complete, depression and fatigue may set in for some. These factors, along with the other possible side effects may make this drug unappealing to potential users.

Fortunately, there are excellent alternative appetite suppressants like Phentramine HCL.
Phentramine Information:
Phentramine is a pharmaceutical grade appetite suppressant that is 100% safe and effective. Scientifically designed to create the similar effects of the popular prescription weight loss medication versions, Phentramine suppresses appetite - Increases energy levels - Gives you a feeling of being full and satisfied - Helps control blood sugar and cravings.
Phentramine Ingredients:
The active ingredients in Phentramine HCL are Phenylethylamine HCL, R-Beta-Methy lphenylethylamine HCL, Methylphenylethylamine Tartrate, Methylsynephrine HCL, N-Methyl-phenylethylamine HCL, Synephrine HCL, Theobromine Anhydrous, Yohimbine HCL = 245MG, Caffeine (Anhydrous) = 100MG
For detailed information on how Phentramine's active ingredients work click here.


No precription required
• 100% safe and highly effective
• No adverse side effects



• None

Diet Recommendations

Phentramine is an effective supplement for the short-term management of obesity. A weight loss program would be most beneficial if standard Phentramine usage is accompanied by nutritious diet, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle.

  • Start taking more of green leafy vegetable, whole grains and cereals and other sugar and fat free diet.

  • Make it a point to devote at least an hour to swimming, walking, jogging, cycling or any form of physical exercise that is convenient and comfortable to you

  • For a change avoid the vices of the modern way of life like partying late nights, smoking etc

To achieve successful weight loss, it is important to incorporate healthy dieting habits, a routine exercise regimen and a fitting lifestyle to your Phentramine treatment. Take your usual Phentramine dose in the morning (considered to be the best time for Phentramine usage) and perform the necessary and complementary obligations. With proper morning usage, Phentramine can help you achieve extraordinary results. Phentramine is the most effective weight loss alternative on the market and is available without a prescription!





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